Recovery from MineOs-Node install

After installing MineOS-Node. I can no longer use the the Python based interface.

I was under the impression that the test install wasn’t set to run at server start so after I was finished I stopped the server. and rebooted the server. but now when I try to access the Web-UI I get the following error:

SSL connection error


Any ideas? as it sits it’s kind of hard to administer my server and at the moment I happen to have an unstable world that we are working on also.

Did you also apt-get upgrade when you were going through those steps?

I’m inclined to think the issue is unrelated to mineos-node, since the error you’re getting is (I’m pretty sure) a cherrypy issue; something mineos-node didn’t touch.

If you type in:

apt-cache policy python-cherrypy3

(Edit cherrpy3 not 2)

I suspect you’ll see your cherrypy upgraded past 3.2, which breaks ssl

This is a known issue with cherrypy and is noted in this mineos post: [SOLVED] SSL Connection Error - Ubuntu 14.04 to 14.10 upgrade

While I’m pretty confident that both webuis could both be on the same server, I really recommend using completely different, isolated vms to test development builds. No need to put to risk production servers with prerelease software…

yes I did… so is there a way to downgrade?

I actually got the response Unable to locate package python-cherrypy2 but I remember doing n apt-get update apt-get upgrade

thanks got the info from the linked post I didn’t notice the linked post before. You are a great help to the community thanks again!