Really huge delay ping

I’m using Bungeecord for my network hosted on MineOS. WHen players refresh the server list (including me , and i’m using LOCALHOST) they must wait 5-10 seconds until they can see the motd. After they connect the must wait 5-10 seconds unteil the Logging in message dissapears. My internet isn’t bad , i have 5GBps network bandwith and a ssid network board that supports the 10 gbps. I read on the spigot forum that players fixed this using apt-get update but in this case it didn;t wotk. Maybe more libraries?

Probably not GBps?

That said, latency issues are typically not bandwidth-related.

Log into your command prompt–using the top utility, can you check the utilization of your server (how busy it is/memory/etc.)?

Cpu 2 % and ram about 15 %

hi faneQ123,

i am no i t expert but even if i was i would have to ask if there is any more info you can offer?

perhaps: flavor of MineOS (python, node js etc.), commit version, java 7 or 8 and version, ram, cpu, mc version, bc version, yada, yada, etc.

anything java mem leakage related? do the logs report alot of missing items? does it generate a new world faster than the world you have? in fact if you rem the world you are using and generate a new one does the performance improve? did you try to load without bc?

the possibilities are endless.

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