"real time" information -- Doesn't need solved

I thought mineos-node was supposed to give us more “real time” information. After I hit start I get the green circle with a check too quickly. The server isn’t actually up at that point. Users have to wait about another minute or so after this point to actually be able to access the server. Before this point Minecraft clients show the server as down. Is there a way to poll the server to check that it is actually ready to accept users?

The web ui reports only whether the process is up or not, which is relevant to whether or not it can be killed or issued keyboard input.

Actually now that I think of it, the ‘ping version’ value on the server status will only report a value if the server is responding to pings. I don’t know if ‘responds to pings’ equates to ‘will accept a user connection’ but it’s something you can look into.

Here is what I found for finding the status of a server. my coding in java and node.js is nonexistent so I am of no help with the coding but ideas and googling and testing I can do.
I know this is in PHP but I thought it might give you the information you needed to do it in node.js.

Thanks again for all of your hard work Hexparrot.

Querying can be done–and that’s actually a pretty good idea of whether a server might be connectable, the only problem is that all servers–by default–do not enable the query protocol. And it’s not all that useful, so turning it on just for the sake of the webui seems a bit overkill. After all, there’s only like a 1 minute window where the server will be reported ‘up’ but not actually work, and the Minecraft client itself already can indicate that through the normal “ping” (it shows grayed out in game).

Since it’s only a minute or so, I guess worrying about this and writing more code when we are still trying to test and make the release stable doesn’t make much sense. but thanks for your time.