Rate limite threshold in web console (Bug? Limitation?)

Hi there,
I have two bugs with the console (rather two limitations I think)

The first is the screenshot just below:

And the second is that MineOS only shows logs below 256Kb.

Is there a way to remove these limits? Thanks

Assuming you are running a modded server because vanilla ones usually don’t hit the limit, if you know how to set a log4j.xml file you can also set explicit filtering options as many mods and Minecraft in general sends log lines that most of the time are useless to track. You can set the log level to Error only and then also use Regex to eliminate majority of the trash inside a Minecraft log. while only seeing the important stuff

There is guides online. log4j - Configuration

Thank you for your detailed answer, I think that will not change anything, it works very well like that.


it totally does change the outcome and is one of the remedies. I linked above an explanation of why this error occurs just encase you where not aware as to why it happens.
Hexparrot is explaining why it happens and one way of stopping this on the MineOS end is to just stop tailing of the logs altogether but as he explains in that thread you lose the log functionality altogether inside the webui if you do this.

Because Minecraft servers sends mass log lines very fast much of which are trash lines and can be anything from…
my cat is pink
useless line 1234

hey i am an actual error pay attention to me

Mod devs often output much trash and overall Minecraft output is very verbose by nature there is also no common log level that everyone uses like example many mod devs use error still for stuff that they should not really output on error because it should be on info at least.

Basically if you want to have log readability in the MineOS webui on a modded Minecraft server and not have it hit the threshold set by MineOS then this is how you do it. Otherwise you can disable tailing like mentioned in the other thread or just refresh your browser once the server has finished loading. You also get the added benefit of less footprint because you get smaller file sizes for the logs i mean they are small already but gains are gains and i guess there is a very minuscule if any effect on I/O because performance.

Unless it has changed in the most recent version of Minecraft then a vanilla server is never going to hit the threshold in the webui so the tailing set by MineOS is tailored towards modded output because modded out put is very high.

I also know because i spent time on my own servers testing this area of the servers pretty extensively. I have also implemented this on a GTNH server and if you know that pack then that one is at the very end of the scale when it comes to logging. Not many packs are going above that one in terms of trash in the logs