Ramdisk on a low-budget VPS?

Ages ago with CRUX, I remember William made the argument that ramdisks were no longer worth doing considering the volatility, difficulty of setup, and decreasing price of SSDs.

Recently, I was playing around with an extra VPS that I have and trying to see if it could run a Minecraft server. From what I can tell, the bottleneck must be the disk I/O. The CPU was hovering around 1.8 (on a 4 core VPS) and it was still very laggy. (Can anyone recommend a good way to confirm that that is the bottleneck?)

I’m wondering if I could make my server load from a ramdisk, and if it would speed things up. Would I need to do anything special to avoid interfering with what MineOS does or could I open up fstab and add /var/games/minecraft/server/______ to a ramdisk in there?

Ever since Minecraft moved over to Anvil (and with the maaaany updates since then), trying to fit the world in ramdisk and the Java heap is really impractical. A low-budget VPS will probably scarcely make enough RAM for the game itself–or at least, it’s unlikely that loading/writing the world faster will be preferable to all the loading/unloading (or swapping) that will occur when playing.

If you do have disk I/O bottleneck, it’ll only occur while people are going out and generating new tiles–if they’re not, you might expect reduced performance when you’re actually just building in already-generated areas.

That said, the ramdisk page is still there in the wiki.