RAM Usage & Slow Restarts

I really like the style of MineOS but recently I have noticed quite a few issues with it.

  1. My servers that I am running are not using 32GB of RAM and 20GB of the RAM is being used somewhere else. I have checked that there are no other screens runing in the background

  2. Restarting the servers takes from 5 - 20 minuets to restart and within that time the web panel also crashes so you then have to wait to see if the task has been performed

  3. Installing jar files can also crash the whole web panel completely which means you have to restart the hole entire dedicated server for it to re work again.

Some reason not sure if its just for me I seem to have alot of bugs with it which is sad since its so simple to use but comes with alot of bugs.

Have you updated the webui since installation?

Does the top utility show what is using your memory?

I haven’t because I didn’t know there was one available for update. Since I use OVH I just used the one that was provided. Also it shows that i only have 4GB left when the servers dont even use that much.

No problem. Are you able to update the webui and restart the server and see if the issue continues?

Will run the commands now and see what happens. Will I need to restart the dedicated server afterwards?

You will not need to restart the host server for the webui to update and operate., However, it will help you reclaim any gigs that may have leaked, so you have a chance to see where it gets taken from and from what process, etc., going forward.