RAM usage problems

I’m running a modded server on mine OS that with one player online it uses up 4 gigs (half my ram). Is this normal or is the webUI lying to me or is there something else going on?

This is normal behavior for modded MC servers (especially ones with many mods).

For reference, my server (~150 mods) uses about 3.5 gigs right after startup, and I do usually see it climb up after being online for a while.

But my server is only running 28 mods and is running only 1 gig short of what you are

Is there a way I can reduce the os ram usage

It’s not necessarily about number of mods, but how big the mods are. That being said, I have many large mods on my server, so it’s likely not the issue in your case. What I do have, however, is not a lot of chunks loaded. If you have a lot of chunks loaded, that could be a reason why you’re experiencing so much ram usage compared to what I am.

Well, yes and no. If you’re running multiple things on the machine, other than just the MC server, you can stop doing that and it won’t use as much RAM. However, if you’re just using it for MC, I would imagine the Turnkey installation is already fairly minimal in what it runs in the background, meaning you won’t really be able to save RAM that way.

According to the MineOS webui the os uses 1.5 gigs

I don’t actually know where you’re getting how much the OS is using from the WebUI, mine only tells me how much is free, and how much is used by each server (up to 4.12GB now).

Regardless of all that though, I’m curious as to why you care so much about RAM usage? It’s literally there to be used, you’d be wasting it if it wasn’t being used. As long as no other applications need it (which I’m going to assume is the case since you didn’t state otherwise after reading my last reply), why bother?

This question pops up occationally, and has several explanations. The shortest and best is here: Ram problem?

The short of it is that you may in most cases ignore the values reported by the WebUI, since it reports a mix of free mem, and dedicated mem. If you want exact memory values you need to log on to the server with ssh and use the apropriate linux commands: http://www.binarytides.com/linux-command-check-memory-usage/6

Theres a rule of thumb I use for my MineOS installation:
The total sum of allocated memory to all my Minecraft servers should not exceed the amount of physical RAM available on my server.