Raid or similar

Hey, me again

I was wondering if anyone has RAID 1 a couple of SSDs or similar? Wanting to get SSDs but well I’m at it want to have a raid for better uptime (also have backups). Haven’t found anything by searching, but could be not seeing some stuff/using wrong search terms.


EDIT - Found these steps — RAID on ubuntu — Will these work while installing MineOS?

I recommend that you instead install Ubuntu, and then MineOS atop that installation.

MineOS Turnkey is about as general purpose as I know how to make it (being just a regular debian re-spin), but there is nothing special about Turnkey that can’t be replicated through the straightforward installation steps for MineOS.

Long story short, should the steps work on your Turnkey installation? Yes.

Can everything you’d likely do to an Ubuntu installation be modified (even if only slightly) to work on Debian (which MineOS is)? Yes.

But you should still work it the other way around. Install Ubuntu and use Ubuntu tutorials. Because we know MineOS works on Ubuntu, so there’s no reason to add the guesswork.

I heard that MineOS Turnkey web’s ui is written in Node.JS while the download version is written in python. Is this true? What difference will it have?

All modern versions of the webui are in Node.JS. A previous version (must be like 10 years old now) written in Python is no longer in circulation. It is neither developed nor supported.

Both are available via ISO or download, though (except the Python one exists on the internet only for posterity)

Ah thanks, must have read an old thread :slight_smile: