Quickly start multiple servers in 1 click

By this I mean being able to press 1 button and start the servers in the “start group” that is specified by the user. By the group I mean that server not part of the “startup group” would not be started up when you quick start. This is technically already implemented in the “start server on boot” feature, however sometimes full restarts aren’t convenient.

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To expand upon this, maybe there should be like a group name with a subset of servers within the group; for example:

  • Group1

  • Group1 Bungee/Waterfall

  • Group1 Vanilla

  • Group1 Paper/Spigot

  • Group2

  • Group2 Bungee/Waterfall

  • Group2 Forge

  • Group2 Thermos/kCauldron

So you wanted to start a set of servers with the click of a button, on the homepage you’d see servers as they are now if they were not within a group, but if there are any grouped servers you’d see something like 1/3 servers online or something of that sort but you’d be able to click on the group and see a page listing servers similar to the homepage, but with a start all, stop all, etc but still the ability to individually click on each server in the group to start/stop them.