Questions about MineOS

So ive been running servers for years. i closed mine over a year ago and want to make a new one. i was going to start it on windows, as i normally do, because it gives me full control to every single file and the control panel. what i need to know with mineOS, is can i connect to it via another PC (right now i use teamviewer to connect to my servers on windows) and can i easly do a Bungeecord setup? if not then sadly i wont be able to use mine os. im tryign to figure out if its better then windows as windows takes up some resources, where as hopefully mineos wont take up much, and will leave more to the game.

MineOS runs on top of a linux operating system, and is basically a WebUI for maintaing minecraft server instances.

Ther current major version of MineOS (MineOS Node) unfortunately only supports local minecraft servers (minecraft servers run on the same physical (or virtual) machine as MineOS and it’s underlying OS. You can however connect to your MineOS WebUI from any computer you allow, using its WebUI address, and a browser.

MineOS also supports sftp, and allows you to move files to and from using any ftp software. Filezilla is our recomended software for this.

With a bit of configuration and linux howto you can set up Samba and filesharing, allowing you to connect MineOS’s direcroty tree. I usually map up the directory containing all server files, archives and such.