Question on how to Build a MineOS like System

i was wondering what steps you took to make MineOS. I am interested in starting my own OS for a different game but build it after the wonderful way mineos runs. I have set up a whole bunch of linux servers as well i am a software developer for PHP but i have never actually done a custom distro/os for a game and would like to know how you would recommend me going about it?
Thanks so much!
Jacob Davis

There’s a long history to MineOS, and MineOS’ foundation has spanned being based on Tinycore Linux, CRUX, and then finally Turnkey Linux.

See comparison here:

Of the three, both Tinycore and Turnkey Linux were designed as modularish distributions meant for others to make essentially turnkey appliances–they both are well-documented in spinning your own distribution and encourage it.

So if you wanted to go about building your own distro, reading up on those foundations would be a great start, as you’ll run into tons of blog entries/articles detailing the decisions the developers made in making the best, universal-izable distro.

But more specifically, Turnkey’s most recent iteration uses a tool called TKLDev, which helps automate the testing and building of Turnkey-based distros, based on Debian. (Ignore TKLpatch, this is the old version).

MineOS has the TKLDev scripts available for viewing on Github. From here, you can compare the TKLdev files to the MineOS installation instructions and see what it takes for me to add files to the root, install packages, and make initial configurations for the end-user.

TKLDev feels like it has a bit of learning curve, but is by far and away the most methodical approach and will save you countless hours with how effective you can build your distro in stages so you can catch errors and test the distro as you build it.

So for whatever app you want to build and package, there’s definitely a good way for you to package it with Turnkey Linux. Also recommend doing the hello world from TKL, (first, even!).

Let me know if you have any other questions!