Question about storage on my virtual server


I just found this forum, it’s going to be very useful for me :slight_smile:

I have one problem with MineOS and I think it is possible to fix it but I don’t know how. I have a virtual machine with a 2To HDD, but MineOS allowed me to use only 20Go of this HDD.

Here is some screenshots which could be useful for you to help me :

Can you help me to find a solution to attribute a bigger capacity to MineOS ?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the possible language mistakes,

I’m assuming right of the bat it’s the VMs fault…
What VM are you using?
Have you tried changing the alacated storage?

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My VM specs :
Core™ i5-750,4c / 4t, 2.67 GHz, 16GoRAM, 2To, 100 Mbps with (Debian 7) (64bits).
I don’t know how to change the alacated storage :frowning:

First, can you confirm that your servers are not already on your 2TB drive? I see 503 MB used there for the /var mount point, which is where MineOS stores all Minecraft information, regardless of what it is reporting in the the webui about available space.

MineOS is simply reporting the amount of space available on the mountpoint that houses /usr/games/minecraft. In most deployments of MineOS, people don’t typically partition off /var (and you did, which is a smart choice). That said, even if it’s reporting what’s available on /, it’s still storing Minecraft server data on /var.

Side note, are you using the old, Python-based webui?

I don’t know how to see if the servers are on the 2TB drive because all I have is an access to a FTP with different folders. I’m not an expert on VM, I just bought a VM because it was cheaper than a traditional Minecraft hoster and I only followed turorials. I think I have only a 2TB drive on this VM, so it may be in this drive.

The Minecraft folder is in /home/minecraft.
When I go in /var/games/minecraft, I have only a shortcut which goto /home/minecraft.
It is the same for /usr/games/minecraft, it is only a shortcut.

The webui version I have is : 75760d0

I hope I give you all the information you need, thanks for your time !

Alright, so it’s safe to assume you didn’t set this up yourself, correct? Because yes, /home/minecraft is not the standard place for things to be saved at (even though it works), and as a result, yeah it does not appear that your saved games are showing up on your 2TB drive.

Indeed, you’re also using the old webui, which still functions (as you’re seeing) but also is very dated; I haven’t updated it in years, so I’m saddened that your VPS company opted for this one rather than the NodeJS-based webui.

Well, ultimately, if you want to use the 2TB drive for MineOS, you’d have to remove the symlink (linux terminology equivalent of shortcut), and make /var/games/minecraft a real directory. Then, you’d have to make sure to move over your existing server data to that directory (with all servers stopped, of course).

If you’re new to Linux, I recommend you do a thorough job making sure all the content you care about is backed up (preferably somewhere not on your VM), so that you can move the contents of /home/minecraft (which hopefully contains the servers, archives, backups, etc. directories) to /var/games/minecraft. No tuning of MineOS config would be necessary, just relocating it so that Linux itself knows to hit the 2TB drive rather than the other, smaller drive which contains your / mountpoint.

Yes exactly, I just installed a template from the hoster.

I tried few months ago to update the webui with this wiki page but it didn’t work . How can I get the new one version : the NodeJS-based webui ?

Thank you for your solution, I will try as soon as possible. And I will be back in case of problems.
Thank you very much for your help ! You saved me :slight_smile:

It is possible to “upgrade” from The old WebUI to the new version, but it is neither easy nor reccomended.

You basically have to strip your system of all the dependensies that the old system needs, remove all the MineOS files, while still keeping your minecraft server files (archiving is your friend), then you have to install all the dependensies of the node version, and the node version before importing all your archived minecraft servers.

Usually we just reccomend archinving every minecraft server, download the most current Node ISO from MineOS, and reinstall from the bottom up. Since you are running of a Virtual Host I guess you do not wuite have this possibility…

You could also ask your host to upgrade for you, just archive everything first…

I’m now in holiday so I’m going to solve my problem. I did backups and archives of all my servers on my computer. Should I do a save of the MineOS file ? I think I’ll reinstall the new version of MineOS.

No. The serverarchives are all you need to rebuild the MineCraft servers. Just copy them out of your server.