Pulling my hair out... Cant port foward, cant bind port, cant access through putty

Okay Im running (or was running) a MineOS server using a FreeNAS server. It worked great locally but it would not let me port forward. I did the following:

Logged into my router and set up a static IP for my mineos (10.0.0.xx4)
Port forwarded TCP/UDP port 25565
Turned off the firewall (to troubleshoot)

I could not enter the server through a plethora of “check my server” sites. It would not work. I tried to check the firewall settings in the shell through Putty but every time I tried to connect I got a “remote side unexpectedly closed network connection”

Then I got desperate and deleted my working server because I thought that because the server was using the same IP as MineOS (mineos would be 10.0.0xx4:8xxx and the server was set to 10.0.0.xx4:25565) i thought that putty was having a difficult time connecting or that there was an issue with my router determining what was what… I dont know. But I started a new server and gave it a new IP (10.0.0.xx2) and I kept getting crashed with “FAILED TO BIND PORT!” UNLESS I changed the IP back to the old one (10.0.0.xx4) Then the server will start.

I’ve been googling this for literally 7 hours. I’m about to give up entirely. Please someone help.

I’m not quite clear on what and how you tried to do this, but as I read it I have the following tips & comments:

  1. Only MineOS (with it’s underlying OS) has an IP adress, and usually only one pr network card (more specifically: one IPv4 address and one IPv6 address (if IPv& is activated) pr NiC). You do not set a separate IP for your minecraft servers. The reccomended way for Minecraft servers is to not enter any IP-address, but leave it as is ( This means that your Minecraft server will listen for connection on all available interfaces, but only on the port you specified.

  2. You separate several minecraft servers by giving them unique ports, so you server #1 would get 25565, #2 could then have 25566 (but not 25565, since it is taken), and so on. This means you in the minecraft client have to specify: [server address]:[port number] for any server not running default servers. If you have accsess to a domain and a domain server, you can set up an SRV-record to create a path from an url to an ipadress:port pair.

  3. You did not specify so: To connect to your LAN-IP-Address server, you need to use your Internet IP-Address. You can find that address with a service like https://www.whatismyip.com/. Port forwarding do not put you r LAN address on the internet, but sets up a path from an internett address to a LAN address by telling your internet router where to pass on requests.

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