Pull request made for UI stuff

I’ve updated webui to use SSL. I ran into an odd error. It runs fine on my Mac but when I move it to linux (Ubuntu 14.04.1) it spits out an error regarding paths need to be strings.

Also was a authentication method actually chosen?

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mineos-node didn’t actually implement any HTTPS/SSL because it introduces more setup time and configuration (and points for error) when installing it on a new machine. HTTPS happens at a layer that isn’t really relevant for development purposes (but critical for production). I’ve looked at your commits and I may instead cherry pick all the ones that advance the web-ui just for now.

No authentication method is actually available yet because I’ve been having difficulty locating/designing one that utilizes shadow passwords instead of just passwd. Shadow passwords and express.js namespaces/room limitations are pretty much the reason this thing stagnated, but I’d be happy to start seeing some progress in it again.

I’m thrilled to see movement on this fork–I’d really rather written it off seeing as how there was little following and little contributions from the community-at-large, but this renews hope that people are willing to write code, rather than just wait for me to produce it.

That said, don’t be afraid to do lots of pull requests, preferably where the code you’re writing is logically separate. Webui/localization is one good grouping and HTTPS and auth would be two other good, separate ones.

I’m still a beginner for both nodejs and . I looked at your index.html and don’t follow how you got all the functionality from it. I presume it is actually in mineos. Are the headings keywords/placeholders for the backend?

And is that how you want localisation done? Is the index or login HTML going to change drastically due to nodejs?

The general approach is how I want localization done, but when I was tooling around with it, the specific utility I was using was John Resig’s i18n module.

Where possible–at least with node–I like to leverage other people’s work, especially when I know it’ll get a lot more maintenance and upkeep efforts from the rest of the world (and that I trust that the jQuery creator can make it more cleanly than I could make it in-house).

The webserver is webui.js, and the model that drives this web-ui is using message-passing and event-triggering through the ‘global’ variable, which is an socket.io channel. Whereas before ajax calls were used to send messages one way or another, now it’s done through normal JS objects and simply trigger events on the server or client.

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