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Hello Im trying to create MC server using MineOS. After few hours trying launch MineOS on virtualbox I did it. Im only testing how I can do it then I will install MineOS on real PC. But I have really big problem to open server to my friends. I tried many different ways to do it but any of them not working. I tried port forwarding on my router and it didnt work. Then my router broke and now Im connected straight to internet connector.

In a virtual server you need to set up the networking right. Most often this is “Bridged mode”.

Then you need to make sure your Minecraft config is right. Do not input anything in the ip-address fields, leave them blank. Make sure you share your external IP-address, noy the internal (LAN) address to you rmineOS server

I create new server. I dont input anything in the ‘‘create new server’’ tab. I can join to my server throught LAN with my MineOS server IP. But how can I open it to WAN? I dont have router to create port forwarding (before I tried do it and it dindnt work) and my IP (what is my IP) is same for whole my city.

And I have set my virtual server networking right because if not I wouldnt be able to connet to web panel.

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If you’re using a virtual machine setup, the the computer would be connecting to the loop back IP address.

I highly doubt that the all of the computers in your city is using the same IP address. If your city’s network is provided, then you may need to request to have a the port opened. That would be through your provider.

just to confirm your instructions here, are you asking us to - within the config of mineos - set the port to be the public ip address? not the IPv4 of the computer / VM?

im using mineos on truenas, the config file for mine asks me to edit the socket port, does this also need to be portforwarded?

between the Virtual machine host and the virtual machine: in machine network settings use “bridge mode”

In MineOS, on the minecraft server: Use “” as IP, make sure every minecraft server has uniqe port numbers.

In your interntet gateway / router: Set up port forwarding. from externalIP:PORT to the internalIP:PORT Port numbers should match internally and externallly to make sure you have the right server, but do not need to.