Proxmox LXC 1.17.1

i tried the debian image and was getting issues with the 1.17.1 jar files so i followed the guide to put it on unbuntu 20.04 in a container.

this went great easy enough and its all up and running.

however i cannot connect to the server I have tried all the tablets in the house all checked to make sure most upto date versions from the google play store ( paid versions) i also cannot find it on the xboxes. i did however note that the xbox version is 1.17.11 same with the tablet versions

its only so when i am working away i can play minecraft with the kids to relax in the evenings but i just cannot get anything to connect to the server
i check ed ufw and added
ufw allow from

i know i am prob missing something simple ( yes i have rebooted the container and it is privileged )

Ok solved that with a tutorial from back in 2015.

Anyway to enable the weather and switches and stuff.