Profiles won't load

I tried to start up my server and hitting start did nothing. Then I tried to do some troubleshooting and realized that in profiles it says this (image) and the internet is definitely working with it, I did the ping command and everything is working, plus my servers are showing up just not starting. What do I do?!


Not sure how much of the log to upload, it is quite a large file.

If the log is big…well, it shouldn’t be, unless something is really wrong. Likely then, it’s the same error over and over.

The last few hundred lines will probably indicate the problem that needs fixing.

Does that work?

There seems to be a recurring error around heartbeat, which is when MineOS is checking the /var/games/minecraft directory.

Can you provide to me the output of:

ls -la /var/games/minecraft/servers
ls -la /var/games/minecraft/archive
ls -la /var/games/minecraft/backup

My guess is there’s a directory in one of those servers that is bogus, and MineOS isn’t okay with it being in the command line (for invoking it in a screen instance), but otherwise it is legal, valid characters on the filesystem.

Feel free to PM me it if you prefer, too.

Can you confirm that the webui works when all servers are DOWN?

It’s definitely not the directory names (based on your output pm), but it could be that MineOS.

If profiles/basic functionality work when the servers are down, it tells me that MineOS is failing because it’s trying to interact with a server heartbeat (‘ping’ in minecraft parlance), but it isn’t getting a format it recognizes.

In fact, it might turn out that it’s revolving around one particular kind of server type, and if that’s the case, let me know what the server type is so I can attempt to reproduce (to create a fix).

Also I ought to try out node v9.5 like you are, because MineOS-node was built off a different branch, 4.x (4x isn’t simply an older branch, it’s an independent branch).

At the moment none of my servers are showing up either, sometimes they do though. I know all the servers are down at the moment though even though web ui isn’t showing it because I can’t connect to any of them.

Also what did you mean by server type?

Here’s an updated mineos.log… I had to delete and regenerate it the file keeps getting bigger and bigger as it sits there, and I couldn’t open it kept crashing notepad.

Server type, like if you were running vanilla, or Spigot. Or whatever kind of profile you have.

I know all the servers are down at the moment though even though web ui isn’t showing it because I can’t connect to any of them.

Is this something you’re sure of, though? Can you check the running processes or restart the server to confirm? The behavior you’re describing typically only occurs when a server is up (even if it isn’t connect-able via a Minecraft client).

I’m running a lightly nodded version of the vanilla server client is where I got it from… Actually an updated version of it from their discord server. I uploaded it myself into the server folders and when it was working could choose it from the drop down choose jar thing on the right.

I’m currently away from my NAS until next Tuesday, but I have them set to run on boot, and have restarted the NAS and the jail a few times.

Okay now that I am back home, I logged into mineos and all my servers and profiles are there again somehow yet I can’t start a server. I don’t know what happened.

Edit: Restarted my freenas server to see if I could start a server then and back to square one on not showing my servers and profile lists etc.

Okay, I actually have no idea what exactly is in the contents of (the file linked in the youtube channel):

How is this meant to be deployed? Is this actually vanilla Minecraft modded? Or is it something else meant to simulate all the settings closely to vanilla? I’m not sure what I’m looking at or how it would work with the literal vanilla minecraft.

Also, try signifying this server as an ‘unconventional’ server and see if operation improves. You’ll lose functionality visible in the webui, but it will pin down for us what is different and why it’s causing all these problems.