Profiles not updating


since WebUI don’t work on my server is there another way to do the same thing, via putty or another interface


Console should be the console separate from MineOS and the webui. You’d console by either being at the keyboard of the physical machine, or you could get a virtual terminal by using something like PuTTy.

The error with “nothing working” probably indicates there were errors in the npm install (the required step in updating nodejs dependencies) but perhaps you overlooked them?

The logs we’re looking for are in /var/log/mineos.log, which–again–should be accessible even if MineOS is completely inaccessible.

So to reiterate:

  1. you need to get yourself access to the command prompt, the Linux Terminal.
  2. we need to confirm you actually ran npm install, which is the most likely place where these failures are happening.
  3. we want to look at /var/log/mineos.log. You can access this file via a file browser like Filezilla or WinSCP–mineos being down won’t affect this.


The Minecraft server console is what don’t work. I have access to my Linux terminal, here is the bottom half of the log, even thou the server is a few hours old it is too long to paste
MineOS is running just can’t control anything via WebUI


In that log, I see the word ‘error’ show up 1572 times.

About 90% or more of them revolve around the server named ‘bungee’. I recommend you archive that server, back up the archive somewhere outside of the /var/games/minecraft directory tree, and delete the server from:


You can, as I see, easily restore that server using the /var/games/minecraft/import directory and corresponding import button in the webui (when it’s restored).

Secondly, at the end of your log, I see that it’s trying to start all the servers because they’re auto-started. I also see that that followed your updating of the webui (meaning you ran the update while all servers were up).

Of course, you didn’t have the webui to shut them down, but you can also shut them down in the following ways, in the future:

cd /usr/games/minecraft; nodejs mineos_console.js -s bungee kill
cd /usr/games/minecraft; nodejs mineos_console.js -s Faction stop

Alternatively, using screen:

su - mc    (log in as mc user)
screen -r mc-Faction

Alternatively, simply restarting the host Linux system.

I’d recommend you (optionally) stop the servers, but definitely restart your system. According to the logs, your most recent webui startup is done while all the servers were up, and–while this doesn’t normally cause issues–you’re also having abnormal issues, so it’s good to start from a nice, clean space.


well after stooping all the servers took many attempts since when I stopped them they wanted to start themselves back up on their own. I updated WebUI and now I can see all the servers, just can’t make a archive or a backup, so I refreshed the browser and now all my servers are running again and I didn’t tell them to start. If was to restart MineOS still have same issue, my guess is I got a bad ISO download or got the wrong ISO. I was just trying to fix this issue with WebUI and made things worse. In the past I would just re-install newer OS to make things work better. Not this time.


If the ISO where bad, you would most likely not have gotten int installed.

It is probably something else.

In each server directory there is a server.config file. It is written in plain text, and you can edit it. If you edit each file to disable autostart, your servers should not start at startup.

Do that, then do a hard reboot (run reboot as root). You MineOS should then start up without any servers started. Then start one server at a time until you run into problems. Then you know which minecraft server is bugging out MineOS.

Not able to backup or archive? It also sounds like you may have a rights-problem.


well I downloaded the ISO again and burned another disk, stuck on restoring SQL can’t seem to find the correct command line to restore


I got it to work, but it was working glitchy, one of my server went down and I can’t bring it back up cause it keeps asking me for what version of spigot I’m running I set it and then it ask again in a pop up window but there are no choices, I refresh the browser and the loop starts all over. Also it shows 7 servers in list and it says I have 9 servers running. well I have 10 servers and right now only 9 are running and I can’t see the one that is down anymore


this issues it not fixed, it just keeps getting worse as time goes on


As before, please provide /var/log/mineos.log



WebUI is spotty on if all server load, backups and archives are not displayed, I have to reload browser and log into WebUI to within a few seconds click on on the start button to even get my servers to start back up after I stop in game. Since the stop button will not work. Can not add stop or start cronjobs. I have removed dynmap to see if issue goes away, no change. my mineOS.logs don’t seem to reveal any answer on how to fix to me