Problems with setting system


I have done a new turnkey installation in my VM environment and now I need to set the network, GW, DNS, hostname and NTP but can’t. It needs the root permissions for it.
I tried to do it over sudo command, but this isn’t installed. Then I tried to log as root over su command but have authentication failure, when I use root password and also with mc user password.

Please can any one help me and tell me how can I access the root that I can edit the needs parameters?


How do you have the network setup in your hypervisor? Which hypervisor are you using? vmware, virtual box, or some other?

I have hypervisor correctly installed. I have there many VM’s already running. I use VMware ESXi.
What I need to change is in the MineOS. I need to change DHCP to Static and all setting in the MineOS chained to this.
Now I have working it, can connect to MineOS but as I wrote is that its on DHCP, what isn’t usable for me.

Is there any possibility hot to connect to root or use the root account to set this settings? This will be also needed to install updates or security patches too.

AS I wrote I’m unable to switch to root account even i’m directly connected on the system or over SSH with SU command. And also can’t change the settings to enable root over SSH.

Thanks for help.

Do you have another account with sudo access? From the sounds of it, most likely the root account is corrupt if you can’t use that. In the direct interface, you should be able to set the eth(s) to static, but there is your dilemma.

Can you spin up another VM and test the eth settings?

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no, this was my first install of the MineOS and its still clean, until I set it up completely.

All other VM’s are OK, while they run for a long time.


new installation has helped to resolve it. I thing there was some fail by installation.
After first log as a root over SSH I have get an welcome window with choosing some settings. After I changed the IP the connection restarts and now I can’t get the choosing window to set all over it.
Can you please tell me how can I get the window back?