Problems with Burning the ios on a cd!

Hello, i dont know how to burn the zip file! On a youtube video, I saw a video a guy showing how to install mineos. But when he clicked download, it started a download of a .ios file. But when i download it, It downloads a .zip file. How do i burn a zip file as a .ios file. Please help me! Thanks.

What URL are you downloading from?

I don’t officially distribute anything except an .ISO file.

Also, check if it’s just your ISO file with the icon of a zip file, due to your file associations?

Hello, i downloaded it from I just checked it and it downloads a .zip winrar file, in the folder is a casper and a isolinux folder.

Again, I think you’re downloading an .ISO file…but your computer is giving it the icon of a zip file, because of WinRAR. Check that URL–it 100% is giving you an .ISO file.

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I uninstalled winrar and it worked, thanks.