(Problem) Tekxit 3.14 (PI) on MineOS turnkey

Hello everyone,

My friends and I have been getting a bit done playing the vanilla version of Minecraft lately. That’s why we decided to play a modpack. We have decided to play the following modpack: Tekxit 3.14 Pi.

To create the server I used a .zip file which is downloaded from the website at the end of this post. After unzipping the file, it seemed pretty easy to make a server out of it in MineOS. I copied all the documents that were in the .zip file to MineOS using Filezilla. So far no problem.

Vervolgens heb ik de volgende dingen ingesteld:
Server actions:

  • Profile: Forge 1.12.2 - Recommend
  • Accept EULA: YES

Java settings:

  • forge-1.12.2-
  • Xmx 6000 MB

Then I tried to start the server, but unfortunately without effect. I don’t know why the server doesn’t want to turn on and hope some of you know why it’s not working. If you need more information I’ll be happy to provide it.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Link to Tekxit server files: Tekxit 3.14 Pi (Official) - Technic Platform