Problem starting mineos.service on ubuntu 18.04


I am installing MineOS on Ubuntu 18.04 Server. I followed the wiki article here:

and checked this page:

My problem is, that everything works, but when I want to register the mineos.service with this command:

systemctl enable mineos

I get the error: Failed to lookup unit file state: Is a directory

I googled this, but didn’t find any help, maybe somebody here can point me in the right direction?

Kind Regards

cp mineos.conf /etc/mineos.conf
cp init/systemd_conf /etc/systemd/system/mineos.service
systemctl enable mineos

Part of the “Installing MineOS-Node” section of my site and part of the " Installing MineOS scripts" and " Running the MineOS Web Service" section of the official wiki, have the first 2 cp commands been run? PS, my site guides you on how to get Minecraft with MineOS running with Oracle’s Java 8 while the wiki uses OpenJDK 8, though it should take presence as default so having both is fine.