Power Management

I am trying to get WoL to work with a MineOS Turnkey instillation. I’ve set all the necessary settings for WoL but when I issue shutdown, shutdown now, or shutdown -h now I can not use WoL to turn the machine back on. For some reason if I issue the halt command then hold the power button for five seconds after halt has finished WoL works. I believe that the shutdown commands are not putting the machine in a S5 state and that halt just won’t perform a full suspend to S5. I have spent the past few hours searching but have been unable to find out how to configure the power management. Can someone tell me how to get the machine to shutdown into a S5 state?

i’ll take a poke at this, at least until my betters get here for the solution.

a little bit of a poke in the dark since i did not try WoL but i would look at the LAMP provided with turnkey. it was somewhat stripped down if i recall and may not have wake on lan installed.

so you can verify that WoL is indeed installed or if it is missing a required dependency, while you wait for the correct answer.

good luck!


MineOS Turnkey do not have a LAMP installation
LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP

MineOS Turnkey do come with PHP and MySQL, but comes with a smaller lightweight web server.

LAMP (other than the L for Linux part) is a term for a web server installation, and has little or nothing to do with WOL. Most servers actually comes with WOL disabled for two reasons: 1. They are always on 2. If they are shut down, it is for good reasons, and you most likely do not want it to start up before you are ready for it to start up.

Since WOL is a pure bios / OS thing, we are better off looking at Turnkey for an answer than mixing in sidetracks. Fortunately a quick google for the term “Turnkey WOL” gives the first result at this link: https://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/tags/wol

From there you can se a 2 years 6 month old thread about exactly the same: https://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20140830/power-management

Your problem may not have a solution, as is it quite possible it is hardware / BIOS related. From the forum thread I linked to it seems that the author found a solution, but also found that it was really slow.

ROTF! sure sounds like a LAMPLIGHT to me, hahaha.

i knew the correct answer would be along shortly.



I’ve looked at the forums you linked and will try to find a Linux driver for the network card to see if that helps. I’ll have to learn how to install drivers on Linux as well, I’m much more of a Windows/GUI person than a command-line person.

Okay I got something to work. I installed pm-utils and can use pm-hibernate to put the machine in a state that will allow me to turn it on with WoL. Now I just have to figure out how to make a script to do it remotely from a Windows machine.


things that make you go hmmm, you’re welcome.


for jessie


for wheezy


please note what flavor of LampLight MineOS you are on for the win!

where ever you go, there you are,


There are software that do that. For example: https://wol.aquilatech.com/

Just Google “windows wol magic packet”

Sorry I should have been more clear. I need to find a way to issue the pm-hibernate command remotely. This server is going to be for me and one of my friends but they are not great with computers so I need to try to make it as user friendly as possible. I use an application on my phone to turn on my main computer using WoL because I can’t reach the power button easily and I’ll help my friend set it up on their phone to send a WoL packet our MC server.

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