Possible change of location(path) for the server files

Hello everyone,
So I have just upgraded my leased hardware which resulted into an issue (oversight on my part). When the auto install of the Ubuntu distro setup partitions, it allocated the drive space differently than what I was thinking it would be.

The problem for me is that the MC servers use the /var/games/minecraft… path and that partition is fairly small, small enough, I cannot do any archives now.

So my question is, can I change the default location of where the MineOS installs the new servers? I will need to move the existing servers too if changing the default is possible.

Thanks for your help!

PS, this is the current partitions layout.


Simple; move/export the minecraft folder from /var/games/minecraft to your desired destination, and create a symbolic link in its place using
ln -s /path/to/new/destination/location /var/games/minecraft

Permissions afterward could/might be an issue afterwards depending upon location and use case/scenario.

EDIT: There is also a mineos.conf file located in your /usr/games/minecraft directory that you should be able to edit in order to change the base directory’s location.

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Thank you Jay, I will take a look and appreciate the quick reply!

My plan will be to move the files with my Webui account and edit the mineos.conf file to reflect the new location.
Sounds easy lol, just need to plan the downtime as I have a few regular players that seem to always be on or afking.

Update: Ok, just in case anyone else looks at this post. I copied the files over to the “home” partition and rebooted the server. I could log into the webui, but no servers or information was there, so I checked the install instructions and realized there was another location for the mineos.conf file… --> in the /etc folder. So I made a backup of the mineos.conf file in the /etc folder and then copied the edited mineos.conf that had the new location path that I had saved to the /usr/games/minecraft folder to the /etc folder and then performed the following at the server console:
1. ran supervisorctl reload
2. ran supervisorctl stop mineos
3. ran supervisorctl start mineos

Re-logged back into the Webui and viola, all is good. I ran created another archive just to verify locations.

I hope this helps if someone else runs into this issue.