Port Forwarding

@ElPres Just wondering why you’d use a static lease? That could be a problem if another device connects and gets assigned the up address. Unless the MAC is hard coded to the up on the router, which I don’t think most SOHO units are capable of, it would mean a lot more work in the router.

Once you have set the IP address on the server, then you should be able to pony the port forward to that IP aim the router.

Yes I can connect locally but i can’t put a screenshot here its says its too big

So i configured StaticIP and set it to default gateway now what do i do?

Your MAC address doesn’t usually change, especially if it’s a physical machine which has only one ethernet port or wifi connection, the router will link the particular IP address to the MAC and won’t assign another. It’s a pretty standard feature and is usually a click in the router UI when looking at the DHCP leases.

Different methods to accomplish the same task.

Once you have the IP set on the server, access the port forwarding page and add the server IP and the desired port.

Finally test by using the router’s external address and the port in the game.

Not quite. If I remember correctly setting the server ip to static won’t update or inform the router so the router could still assign the address to a machine, causing network issues.

Yeah but when i go to static IP which IP do i have to choose from there Default Gateway? Internal Ip?

You choose one in your ip range, usually assigned by the router.

Say your router ip is, you might choose as the IP, the default gateway would be (routers ip)

Well i tried that it doesn’t seem to work

What about it doesn’t seem to work?
Try my suggestion of leaving the server as DHCP and using the router to set a static lease and port forwarding.
Try posting screen shots. (upload it somewhere and link here is an option)

Ok then how do i set a static lease because i can’t find that in the settings

Use a search engine and type in your router model and how to set static lease.
Usually you’d view the DHCP leases and then click a button to assign a static lease.

Ok i will try that and i will let you know

I checked and there is address reservation that pretty much the same thing right?

Yeah. It is the same.

Ok then i did that already but it didn’t work :frowning:

So, are you still able to connect inside your network to your server?
Are you able to port forward your SSH (22) or HTTPS (8443 mineos default) ports and can you connect to it externally?
Some ISPs are using something called CGNAT (If I remember correctly), this means your external IP is not actually assigned to you and you’d have to ask if you can get an external facing IP, which they may want to charge for. I was able to request having an external facing IP and my ISP was nice enough to do it without charge.

Does that have to do anything with IPv6 qnd yes i can connect to 8443 and ftp internally but not externally