Port Forwarding with DS-Lite

Hey everyone,

I dont know what to do anymore, my problem is that no matter what i do, noone can connect to my MineOS server besides me, of course.
Here’s a screenshot of my iptables config:

I tried to iptables -F and then iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT and added a UDP Protocol for 25565 aswell

My Router (FRITZ!Box 7590) has the ports enabled aswell:

It’s in german, but I actually allowed all ports with the exposed host feature.

The IP-Adress changes every 24 hrs or so, doesnt it, that’s why I need an actual one, with an DNS-Service like NO-IP for example but i cant get the DUC-Client on it, that updates that IP, or can I?

For now the IP is:

I dont know if that helps but i figured out that (or all the others that are generated) is the IP my normal PC aswell.
And with the portcheck on https://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php fails as filtered, and with its actual IP aswell (

I’ve set the IP: in the server.properties and I’m trying to connect with the generated one (I figured it out via curl ipinfo.io/ip), or should I do it differently?

If you wonder how I’m able to figure out if it works or not by myself, I’m using GeForce NOW.

Try to edit the IPv4 TCP and UDP port info, and remove the specified IP-Address under “IP-Adresse im Internet”

The 192.168.. series of IP-addresses is a LAN only IP-address , and will not work on the Internet. Port forwarding takes queries to your external IP-address and forwards them to an IP address on your LAN. It looks like ou have set up a port forwarding from your minecraft servers LAN address to your minecraft servers LAN address

So, you’re saying that I need to forward the 88… IP-Adress, but that one changes every 24 hrs, doesn’t it?

Usually a device do not change IP-address while it is active. So as long as you do not turn your internet modem off, it should keep its current IP-address.

Yes, you need to forward from external address (internet) to local address (LAN)

Well, that’s not going to work, because this router always reconnects, u cant disable it. I’m going to try forwarding some ports from my normal PC and see if that works so that i know if its actually the routers fault

I got smarter, it’s actaully the routers fault but not the way I’ve set it up because I always did it like that. I figured out though that it has something to do with the new “DS-Lite” feature that says that you dont have an public IPv4 adress if you have that enabled, so u need to rely on different kind of hosts online, but I cant disable it, of i do so, i dont have any internet connection… Perhaps you can help me figuring out how to get it working with “DS-Lite”? This is driving me crazy…

One more question to be sure, with my port settings in MineOS is nothing wrong, isn’t it?

And by the way, my IPv6 is not working, if I test it with [2001:16b8:2b44:XXXXXXXXX]:25565 in Chrome, it says “refused”, even though I forwarded IPv4 and 6 mon TCP and UDP

Okay, no need to deal with the DS-Lite anymore, I called my Internethoster and they’re gonna set it to a regular IPv4 connection, I’m gonna Update this post, when they have done it (In about 2 days).

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So basically it’s working now, DS-Lite, is for dummies (like me) a solution for a problem noone has expected in the stoneage of the internet. We ran out of IPs, so we need a new solution, and this DS-Lite is btw called “Double-Stack Lite” and it’s kinda sorta making something with our IPv6 adresses to get rid of that “we have no IP-adresses problem” and i have no idea how to get that working with any kind of home-hosted webserver and I have no idea if it can even work…