Port forwarding issues - dlink and hitron

I’m having troubles portforwarding my server
I have a modem router combo with a router acting as a access point plugged into that
the modems ip is
the access points ip is
and the servers is
Heres what I’ve got so far

I think you may cave configured the router to port forward access to itself.
In your first screenshot, the local IP address should be the x.x.x.115 .

So if I have the router configured as a access point, with the server plugged into the access point, do I then just portforward on the modem and not the router?

So just this then?

Yes because you want to have the data requests directed to the machine host the service.

That still doesn’t seem to work

The port range looks odd to me. The ~ may be incorrect if you need to specify a range. However, you are not, so using just 25565 instead may work.

Each router handles port forwarding differently, so I recommend referring to the manual for your model.

I had it working before without the router working as a access point, but that stopped working