PMMP on MineOS?

Hello there,

i couldn’t find PMMP’s (PocketMine) Phar on my MineOS node i only found Imagicalmine and it’s dead
im using the latest 66447ed git commit

EDIT: Added Links!

The entire Pockemine scene is popping in and out of relevance and build activity. It is almost impossible for a system like MineOS (that depends on regular and stable builds it can link to and download) to rely on an Pocketmine version to stay available over any amount of time.

MineOS supports running a Pockemine style (phar based) server, but you may have to download and transfer the files manually according to who made the latest update that works…

You can fin all PMMP’s files for download here:

Where is the cfg file for every server?
Does it have launch options?

MineOS handles all that, and the config files are autogenerated at first run. You only need to manually provide the phar file, and the php files for a pocket mine server to run

This is the recepie:

  1. create new server in MineOS.
  2. mark it as “not standard server”
  3. download, transfer and unpack this file in your server directory:
  4. Download and transfer this file to your server directory:
  5. select the phar file you just downloaded above in the pull down menu for your new server in MineOS.
    Accept EULA, and start.
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Yup that’s work
But the server doesn’t work
Looks like it’s because I’m on 32bit

@iMelsom would you say that this RSS feed provides dependable, worthwhile URLs to implement into profiles?

It would be cool if you did that

Yes, but I would ignore the “legacy” and “docs” builds. As for the php verison, I usually only use theLinuxx86 versions… And I think that is the only version that really suits Turnkey as a linux clone.

Since people still use 32bit versions of turnkey and mineos, I guess you’ll have to check what version they run, since the php from that feed is for 64 bit systems

Eh, as it turns out, that RSS feed doesn’t contain any filenames or the URL to the download itself.

Which means that the download PHP-7.2-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz could just one day be 7.3 or some other filename and I’d never know. :confused:

They have a Jenkins Server why don’t you take a look at it?

Appears the RSS files are no more specific on the files that are available at any given time :confused:

I was building myself up to protest your comment on the RSS file. But it as they cheated by only giving the URL to the results page of the last build, with an auto generated filename for the actual file within that page, I agree with you. The steps you have to take (And hoops you have to jump through or around) gets so convulted that it is more effort than worth.

If I should try to guess at a solution it would be something like:

  • Step one: Scrape the URL of the location of the current build.
  • Step two: scrape and regexp the url of the last build using the few things in the URL one can guess should be stable.
  • Step three: Check to see if the previous steps gave a valid URL, and present it as an option

With three layers of dependencies to get a valid URL, there are too many points of error, and it would need constant maintenance to stay valid and functional.

So we’re back at doing pocketmine the manual way. If I turn my far precognition on, I predict that for Pocket Edition Minecraft it will stay that way, unless mojang/microsoft do a total turnaround and sudenly release an official private pocket edition server version. As long as their solution for “Realms” gives them gold in the chest, I guess that ain’t happening.