Plugins can't update

Thanks for creating an awesome server admin tool. I have been testing it out and trying to get my existing world all set up.

I have encountered a problem with plugins. It appears that they cannot update their folders, or create folders, or so forth. For example, I placed PermissionsBukkit.jar into the plugins folder and restarted the server. But the plugin did not create a PermissionsBukkit folder as it should have.

I followed all the MineOS install instructions, including auto-boot when the server is started. The minecraft server is installed in /var/games/minecraft/servers/. This of course means that root or sudo is required to make updates. Could it be that the plugins are not able to create and update folders because they do not have root permissions?

Would it be better to move the minecraft folder to a non-root location? Would I need to signifcantly change the installation to move the folder? Thanks!

There’s no reason to change the folder, as all the subfolders containing the server information are owned by non-root users.

Just as the /home directory is root owned, the subdirectories are owned by the user, e.g., /home/user.

So think of them similarly:

/home – owned by root
/home/will – owned by will
/var/games/minecraft – owned by root
/var/games/minecraft/servers – owned by root
/var/games/minecraft/backup/myserver – owned by will
/var/games/minecraft/archive/myserver – owned by will
/var/games/minecraft/servers/myserver – owned by will
/var/games/minecraft/servers/myserver/plugins – owned by will

In all likelihood, a plugin not creating the permissionsbukkit folder is a side-effect of botched permissions. Have you been working with these files as root? Or running jars as root? If so, you may find that many files and directories have been ownership-changed to root.

And if you, for example, ran a jar as root and the web-ui tries to run something as will, the action originating from the web-ui will fail, as will has insufficient permissions.

Check the permissions of the /var/games/minecraft/servers/myserver directory (replace with your server name, of course). 9 of 10 times this is the culprit. Then, identifying that this is the issue, you can fix it with chown:

chown -R myuser:mygroup /var/games/minecraft/{servers,archive,backup}/*

Thank you, this is a very helpful explanation. I will spend some time tinkering with it.

Your answer fixed it. Thanks!