Please help! Can not restart server, with restart command from minecraft

please help!!!
Can not restart server, with restart command from minecraft

Depending on what kind of server it is, it may expect different ways to be stopped/started.

What kind of server type are you trying to restart?

The restart button sends “stop” to the console, and when the server actually stops, MineOS starts it again. If the server type doesn’t respond to ‘stop’ (because it wants a different command) or if a faulty mod is preventing the server from stopping, then that would also explain why the button doesn’t work.

Have you checked the logs for any indication that the server itself is a) recognizing the attempt to stop the server and b) erring out and not doing it?

the button stop and start work perfect, the problem is this:

my server is called gigantskywars, when the game finish the server is restarting i think trought script from mc

and how you see, start never happend cus i need make trough start button mineos

is there a way to get automatic restart when any minecraft server shutdown for any reason??

mean start or restart or crash

i tested .sh and work perfect, well just when i run from screens, but this block the port for mineos, so when put a in same path the .jar and run it, mineos not work for that server, i noticed that the port is not recognice for mineos

please, i just need start automatic server when the server shutdown or restart or anything stop it


As far as I know, there is no built in keep-alive function in MineOS. The different minecraft servers have, to a certain degree and functionality, some crash-recover functionality, but not to the restart when crashed level.

It is possible you could use a cron script to check if a server is alive, and start it if it is down. How you would go about actually doing so? No idea.

You could also use secondary monitoring systems (like zabbix) to test if a server responds, and then run a start command if it is down, but this takes quite a bit of complex configuring. Using a secondary monitoring system would also be way outside the scope of this forum, that really just provides support for MineOS primarily, and after that as far as we can on the different minecraft server types, and the most used linux distros.

This actually isn’t MineOS related, it is Spigot/Paper related as they had added a restart command sometime back (well as far back as I can remember it’s always been there). Upon using this restart command in-game, the server would react the same way it does when you use the stop command, except at the very end it calls/launches/runs a script, typically named that can be created and placed within the server’s main/base directory, which then executes a series of commands, depending upon what commands you put inside the script file.

My guess here is that this typically doesn’t play well with MineOS because MineOS launches servers differently. However I’ve seen time and time again that you can trigger/interact with the web ui button commands using it’s back-end script being that the ui is just a front-end which triggers actions and commands via the back-end. So, in order for the restart script to work and function properly with MineOS chances are that script would have to either launch your Minecraft server in the same way that MineOS does, or that script would just have to interact with MineOS’ back-end which will tell MineOS to start the server the same way it would have if you clicked start or had it start on boot. How to go about doing so you ask? I currently have no idea despite the fact that I’ve seen it over and over. But interacting with MineOS’ back-end would be the best way to go about this in my opinion.

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