[Personal Project] Requesting help? #Modded@1.7.10

I’ve been a bit hesitant to ask, but for the past few months I’ve been slowly working on an old modded map of mine I built from 2013 on MC 1.5.2 (updating it from 1.5.2 to 1.7.10), fixing/improving/rebuilding it. There was also another similar project that I haven’t touched in months (that one’s completed, the only problem is that I have no one to play with) that I call CoD:MC (Call of Duty: Minecraft).

The most recent video on the server I’ve been working on/requesting help with:

An old video on the server I’ve been working on/requesting help with
(you may want to make a comparision with the above video)

An old video showcasing CoD:MC (Call of Duty: Minecraft):

CoD:MC clip starts at 1:37 and ends at 7:02; the only reason I haven’t taken that video down is because of that clip specifically.

If you’d like to help me out with that, tell me here or PM I guess. It’s actually pretty fun when you get everything working/design places the way you want them, oh and you may join even if you don’t plan to help out (aka joining just to have fun and/or check it out).

i can try to help, not sure how much help i can be.

i know of other around here who could really help.

thanks for the efforts!


Well you may always just join to play/have fun (possibly even finding ‘bugs’ while doing so, for me to fix/improve) and/or just build in one of the many places there; to join I’ll have to whitelist you and provide you with the modpack…I’ll have to prepare that tomorrow after school or the day after, being that I have two regents exams in a row tomorrow.

no hurry. in fact do take your time.

priorities young man, priorities.

this can wait, lol.




ROTF! after watching some of the videos, i would be useless as i do not really play minecraft or know how to use the mods, lol.

i mean to do the things i see them doing in the vids i dunno how to make happen.

Lol…well all you really have to do is experiment and/or look at/read the documentations for the mods (I use that method on everything which is how I learn, well, most of the time lol)

Anyways I finally got around to making modpack, but as a warning you may want to use a different game directory than the default (can be another custom directory within the .minecraft folder, or outside the folder, structured the same way as the normal folder but doesn’t require all the same files usually found in the default; basically just create a custom profile, select forge 1.7.10 as the game version, and set a custom game directory from the same menu). The reason I say that is so that you won’t have to delete existing modpacks, nor will installing these mods interfere with other mods/the game. The other reason is because I’ve included the server.dat file which contains the server list (extracting this file into your ‘normal’ game directory will cause you to lose your list of servers, which can/will hurt if it was a big list and you don’t have backups) as well as custom render/graphic settings and controls (extracting this into the ‘normal’ directory will change your game settings and controls) but you could choose to do it in the ‘normal’ directory if you wish.

ModPack Info:
Filename: CloudLogic Modded Server Client Mods.7z
Archive’s Password: D4JM36ModsCLRC01

Server IP: logicalcloud.ddns.net:25555

Also, the server’s whitelisted so you’ll have to either PM your MC username or just post it here.

i would like to join as tNt.

it might be a few days tho. i have the mods.