Permission problem to profile.config in ubuntu server 14

Used the Minimal ubuntu install. Followed the command line install for MineOS. Everything went great. Logged into the Webportal, and attempted to make a profile and server and received the do not have permission error. Now I am guessing that this is a Ubuntu issue, However, sifting though different forums have not turned out the correct answer.
What I have done so far:
Using Putty I have logged into console

sudo adduser mcslave
sudo addgroup the_mc
sudo adduser mcadmin the_mc
sudo adduser mcslave the_mc

Great so far. Can even use the drop down in the profile manager in Webgui to assign the_mc

Now documentation mentions that root has permissions/owner to the var/games/minecraft/profiles/profile.config and that “mc” has permission as part of the root group? Of course “mc” is only valid if using the turnkey install option.

so then I drop myself into the profiles folder and use the chmod g+w profile.config

Still no Love in clicking the update button for the created server or profile.

an ls -ld profile.config shows that only root root has permissions.

So I tried the chmod commands in the manpage explaining adding permissions. Nada.
Looked around in different forums and ubuntu’s site on adding permission. Looks good.

I do not know about chgrp command as I do not know what that will do to root access.

So I sudo adduser mcadmin root

Hey look… It works.

Now this seems to scream to me that this is entirely wrong as now I have a user as root. A bit unsecure?

What am I missing on getting the MineOS to play nice with ubuntu?

In mineos turnkey, profiles.config is chown’ed to mc. You simply need to chown the file away from root:root and to whatever group you wish.

Considering the the_mc group you already made, you’d just have to:

chown root:the_mc profiles.config

Long story short, the users who can update a profile are a) the profile config user owner and b) members of the group that owns it.

So you can be root:the_mc or mcadmin:the_mc or will:the_mc----any variety that matches how you want profiles to work.

As a side note, if you’re just installing mineos new anyway, have you considered using the new webui mineos-node? I’ve been developing it for the last year and it’s been released now as the flagship webui, and the only one I’m likely to continue to maintain.

It’s also lower in ram footprint, does away with profiles as you know it, and responds live to changes in server states and logs. For a new server, I’d highly recommend.