Permission for remove profile

Hi I want to know how to set the permissions so as not to delete some users create server profiles and servers


Can you clarify what your goal is? I’m not able to make much sense of this.

Right now, any user can create or delete any profile provided it is not in use by any servers. This is because once a profile is in use, a server (and admin) need to be able to depend on the file only ever being updated or modified by an authorized user, either root or the users of the group indicated by the profiles page.

However, if it is not in use, it’s also not really a big deal for user to potentially create and delete as few or as many profiles as they want–after all, they are either the trusted admin (part of the group from the profile page) or they’re root.

ok for servers I noticed That can not be created by a user not MC or Root as I can limit the number of servers created by these users?