Performance on different distros

Hello everyone,
I’ve had a mineOS server for a while now, currently I’m hosting it on a box I got for free from craigslist.
Now I’ve gotten my hands on another, better, (but still not very recent) one. I figured I would just install mineOS turnkey on it and be done with it, but I was thinking that since the webui can be installed on pretty much any distro, it would be nice to have a graphical desktop around as well like Ubuntu or Debian.

Now I’m assuming that the intent for the standalone webui was to install it to some other sever distro, but I’m wondering if any of you have an idea what the performance requirement (ram, cpu, etc.) increase would be if I used a desktop distro.


edit( Note that I have read this post: Error obtaining Ip adress Instalation, I just figured that it would be handy to have a Linux desktop box, and wanted some input)

MineOS (the scripts/webui/etc) has very, very low system requirements. Thus, the guide you’d use to make sure you have appropriate matching of your OS and your hardware is simply to check the system requirements of the distro itself.

Just as Windows has minimum system requirements, these are requirements you should have to handle the overhead of the distro + do something functional with it. Likewise, check out the requirements of your distro of choice and MineOS will fit comfortably on that:

Ubuntu Sys Requirements

The one thing you’ll notice, of course, is that the system requirements for Minecraft, the actual server jars, are much higher than the OS requirements.

Therefore, you can reasonably figure that any desktop Linux distro is A-OK, just be sure to allocate less to Minecraft overall, to compensate for used memory from the GUIs. (see Xubuntu, Lubuntu, or distros using the Enlightenment 17 GUI)

Thanks for putting up with a post from my sleep deprived brain :smiley:. I think that I probably overemphasized how old it was because it’s actually pretty modern (3Ghz, 8gb ram); my school was updating its CAD computers.
So I’ve got it the webui running now on Ubuntu, I’ve imported my old servers, etc. my only problem is that because Ubuntu disables the root account by default I can’t log in to update the profiles.
I’ve tried changing the permissions on the /var/games/minecraft/ folder (and everything inside), but for some reason the permissions specifically on the profile.config file always get changed back to root only.
Is there some other way to do this or is my only option to enable the root user?

edit( First of all, I seem to like edits. Second, I was able to manually go into the machine and add a folder + jar into the profiles folder, but is there any way to make it so I could do it from the webui?)

In this case, the way you would solve this is either by:

a) changing the permissions by elevating yourself to root (from a non-root) user. This is typically done with su - It can also be done with sudo.


b) allowing root login.