People outside LAN can't connect

I feel like this is a discussed topic, but I can’t seem to get it right so here goes…

  • I installed it on a truenas server.
  • I am able to connect via LAN.
  • I port-forwarded 25565 with the IP adress I am using to connect via LAN with.
  • Outsiders still not able to connect.

I can’t seem the find my error.
Can someone help me please?

Hi :slight_smile:
What adress are the external users trying to use? Your Web IP or your LAN IP? They are different, and they need to use the Web IP (external IP). google “What is my IP” to find a service that tells you your external IP address.

Do I need to port forward this ip adress as well?

The external IP adress is the IPadress that you are given from your ISP to access the Internet.
Port forwarding is always from the external to the internal IP-adress, even though you usually do not specify the external adress in the port forwarding.

You have several layers of networks (daisy chained NAT routers), which is really not reccomended.

Allright thankyou so much, I am going to try this right away!

The external ip still doesn’t work. Thanks anyway!

Where did you port forward exactly? You need to do it on the router where the open ports point to the local ip of the minecraft server, you probably just opened ports in the wrong place as there is several places you could do this if you are not sure where etc.

My local pc and physical server are both connected to the same router. So I can’t imagine where else to port forward.

That is fine just checking because you can open ports in several places literally considering there is various firewalls potentially and you are using truenas which also has a firewall.

So is it possible to port forward from the truenas UI? From that firewall?

probably its a hypervisor so it will have a firewall although i don’t know truenas never used it

after looking at has one but its not there by default so it does not apply

Okay thankyou for your help anyway

You can test your outside connectivity here just type your external ip in i mean if nothing comes up its not telling you anything new but if it can see your server then at least its telling you there is discrepancies that lie somewhere with the other players

ISPs can use something called CG-NAT which would block you from hosting a server. You could ask your ISP if they do and then if you can have it removed.

A bit late, but I can shoot some tips, which could potentially help.

1st of all your Minecraft server responds to your internal IP address (your IPv4).
To find this simply open “CMD” > Type “ipconfig” (without brackets).
Your IPv4 will come up, which means you have to save it in your server files.

2nd you need to allow the Firewall to pass the IPv4 connections. Go to your Firewall > Advanced rules, and set both inbound and outbound rules for your port.

3rd thing. The port should have the IPv4 set. Every time you open a port, you have to specify, which internal address, should be used. Make sure that you used the internal IP, which the port will listen to.

Once this is also done, you can add this open port to your Minecraft server file, and start the server.

4th thing is to Google Port checker, and see if the port is open (check only when the server is ON and fully loaded).

That’s all.

Also note these things:

  1. There are 2 types of IP addresses. Static (non changeable), and Dynamic (changeable). If you have a dynamic IP address assigned, you will need to check what IP your computer uses, and change your server’s inner IP + the IP where the port will be open. For static IP’s it doesn’t apply.

  2. Port forwarding not working? Contact your ISP, as they can block your ports and prevent you from opening them, due to security reasons. Note that taxes may apply, depending on country and ISP.

  3. Perhaps the port isn’t going to work in your case, so try opening others. I always open ports 25566, 25577.

  4. Don’t open 25565, because it’s a default port, which everybody knows and hackers may target it.

  5. If you wish to pay some $$$, you can get a domain for like $14 a year, and mask your IP with the name.