People can not connect but I may have not port forwarded correctly

I need some help with getting others connected, the server runs, I can connect because I am inside the network but I port forward yet no one can join. I will provide a screenshot of Putty and on my router (BT Smart Hub) has the ports 25565 and 22. I followed the iptables section of the site to the best of my abilities.


What IP-adress are your players trying to connect to?

Remember that for an external user to connect they have to use your external IP-adress. The internal one only works on your Local Network.

IF the address they use start with
10...* or 192.168.. they are trying to connect with your LAN address. Please check to fid your external address.

Port forwarding works by telling your router that any connection that comes from [external IP]:[port number] shall be forwarded to [internal IP]:[port number].

Port forwarding and IP tables are two separate things.

Port forwarding happens on your router, and allows internet traffic coming in to be allowed into your network.
IP tables allows traffic on your network (like from the internet) to get onto the Linux host itself.

It’s unlikely that your IPtables are causing any issue here, but you’ll need to ensure your router is set up for it (no evidence in your provided photos).