Password manager compatibility

Lastpass is a password manager that allows you to generate secure passwords and store across multiple devices. Lastpass is free unless if you want to sync to mobile devices. For some reason when I saved the password for Mineos python or node.js web UI it only inputs the user field. Instead of a username and password. I’m not sure but something unique about the UI or an issue with lastpass. I’ve tried Lastpass automatic saving of username and password and manual entry into my account. I’ve not experienced this issue anywhere else utilizing lastpass. Thoughts?

I’m using lastpass to log into the mineos webui, although I haven’t upgraded to node.js yet.

I just spun up my MineOS-Node box and was able to autologin to the webui with lastpass.
Fieldnames are just ‘username’ and ‘password’, plus the custom field ‘hide’ if you want to hide the password that’s auto entered.

What browser are you using? I’m using Firefox. I guess I’ll test through all major browsers it might be one of the add-ons I have installed that’s causing issues.

I was using Chrome for my tests, ironically, I can’t get Firefox to even connect to my MineOS server.

Make sure you’re using https://

There is definitely something quirky about the lastpass plugin for Firefox.

  • It doesn’t auto login to the mineos webui
  • When you select autofill from the lastpass plugin, it puts the username in the username and password field.
  • However, selecting the lastpass icon in the field, fills the username and password correctly.
  • Even though ‘hide’ is checked in the extra form fields, the Hide password option doesn’t get selected.

Glad to know I’m not alone! If if you’re not using any add-ons we can rule out MineOS as the issue.

The only other add-on I have installed for Firefox is FireIE