Paperspigot request

I noticed that the latest profile for paperspigot is outdated (version 1.12). Does MineOS still support paperspigot? I do know that I could just manually set up the server but I would appreciate the convenience if the profile is kept up to date.

Paperspigot doesn’t provide a parse-able list of available versions to the public. There’s a list–just not a parse-able one. Therefore, paperspigot has always operated as a profile as one that had to be manually inputted, from version to URL, etc.

With that said, the profile for “paperspigot-latest” should still always point to the latest version, as seen in the profile definition here:

If it’s not, that would need to be updated, but it would need to be updated with a URL which I don’t know and don’t keep up with. The change is relatively easy, though, if you are able to do a little legwork to locate the best URL for the latest paperspigot to be downloaded from, then I can update the profile definition.

I think there’s a way to retrieve an array of supported versions via official API as far as I’m concern. should return supported versions. should return the jar file.

I think the list should be parse-able and the versions can be used to replace the placeholder to get respective jar file.

I read these from

Yet, Thanks for your great work.

It’s not PaperSpigot anymore
Your link:
Reroutes to:

But the new version’s latest is here:

Needs to point here for latest:

Papermc is up to 1.15.2 now, so latest located at:

New to MineOS–impressive. On second try, successfully moved my papermc 1.15.2 world from a cloud server to new MineOS local server by zipping file on cloud server and moving it to local server /var/games/minecraft/import per your instructions in another thread. Ran it from terminal to make sure working, then imported server in MineOS gui. Rebooted MineOS to be safe, then opened server on MineOS gui and selected papermc.jar, set memory, and that’s it. Working perfectly! Assume I’ll have to manually update because no profile, but used to doing it anyway on cloud server. Thanks for the sweet OS!

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