Own VPN usage on Laptop [specs below] within MineOS

Hey All,

Curious before I dive straight into this. I am not good with Linux (very basic knowledge) and I’m new’ish to the hosting of MC Servers.

I want to host a MC server with people while I stream, so I was wanting to run this behind a VPN (too protect my ip location).

I have set up a MC server using other software, but I was OS layered (Ubuntu), so I could access the VPN settings.

The machine I was running could have about 4 people on it. [Specs or laptop are an i5 M560 2.76Ghz - 480GB SSD - 8gb DDR3] I was hoping to have this Mine OS running (as believe its a low footprint) and maybe have about 8 people on it (with a forge back-end)

Looking at my specs and what I want to do, would all this be possible?

This is a strange request, but I understand what you’re thinking.

Your first problem is that this goes somewhat the opposite way of how VPN’s usually work: You connect your client to a VPN to hide your IP while connecting to servers. You want to do the opposite, hide the real IP of the server from the clients. The IPaddress of the server is somewhat crucial for a client to be able to connect.

Fortunately there exist a system that do what you want, but it is usually not used as such in VPN’s: NAT. This is the system your internet gateway use to allow your entire internal network on to the internet using only one IP address. This is also where we need a system with port forwarding to allow an external IP access a LAN address. We need to tell the gateway where to internally send a request arriving from an external address

If you can find a VPN that has the possibility to set up port forwarding on the one IP adress they provide you, so that the VPN address port forwards a request to your middle VPN address, so that you again can port forward that request to your servers LAN address we’re there.

If you have a good gateway you can probaly ask that device to connect to the VPN, so that your MineOS server only needs to handle LAN traffic. If your gateway is unable to connect to external VPN’s you need to get your MineOS server to to the connection. But this is entirely dependent on your chosen VPN’s ability to port forward requests from adresses outside the VPN (your clients) to your internal VPN address. As I said, this is normally not how this is done.

Other ways of hiding internal ip-adresses is bu use of proxies and loadsharing servers, that passes on requests to servers. Since this is systems not really meant to hide adresses, your IP might still be revealed by using something like trace route applications. And you would need to find an external server willing to pass requests to your server.

Well the good thing with my VPN (TorGuard) , they can give me a pinned IP, so it will always connect to that. I had it set on a previous linux OS (Ubuntu) and I gave it the IP to connect to. Then I just opened the port on the IP (the MC Port).

But I was wondering on this OS setup, would I be able to configure it so that each time the Laptop booted up the VPN could connect up, hence hiding my real IP, but people are still able to connect to the VPN’s IP (as last time I used one of those ip redirects, DynuDNS I think it was that just updated IF my ip cahnged, which it didn’t, but it gave people a named location to connect too)

Hope that makes a little more sense, I don’t want to be putting fixed VPN connections in the router and stuff like that, as this MC Server would only be online 2 days a week while I’m streaming.


If you know how to do it on ubuntu, it should also work on Turnkey. Turnkey is a streamlined debian, and debian and ubuntu shares most of their codebases. What works on debian mostly works on ubunut and the other way around. Yo may have to install the necescary software on turnkey, but it should work.

Another solution is to skip the premade ISO’s, and use Ubuntu and this guide: https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=MineOS_(apt-get%2Bsystemd)

This would install the MineOS webUI on top of ubuntu.