Outside Connections

I’m having some issues getting my friends to connect to my mineOS server. I set up a NoIP domain for my public ip. The server ip is port forwarded. I am able to get on locally but when I use a hotspot to try to access to try to test outside connections it doesn’t work

What server address are you using in game to connect? It should be like: mydomainname.com:25565. You don’t need the http://
What errors are you getting?

Does it work with your actual IP instead of the NoIP domain?
Go to http://ip4.me/ to find your IP and then test it with that first. If it works there, then you’ve confirmed that you have done your port forwarding correctly. If it does not work, then you have more work to do with your router / firewall.

Assuming it works with just the IP, then the issue would lie somewhere with your domain provider or DNS. I’m not super familiar with NoIP, but some domain services will by default set your domain name to be “proxied”. This is useful for websites and other web services, but will not work for Minecraft - make sure proxy is off for your domain name server.

It did not work with my actual public IP either. I deleted the port forwarding settings and recreated them and that seemed to fix it. Not sure why.