Output server log to a text file

I was wondering if there was a way to output the web ui’s server log to a text file on a remote machine. I know with linux you can do output > file, is there a way as simple as that?

Info:running MineOS on a physical box, connecting via the web interface on a different physical box, I want to get the server log to save as a .txt file on either box so I can view more than the 100 or so lines viewable from the web ui. I can transfer the txt file from the MineOS box if needed.

The server log in the webui is already just pulling from The actual server log minecraft itself generates.

Depending on your server version this is server.log or /logs/latest.log (or something different if you’re using forge).

To access this file, connect via your favorite method–ssh or sftp–and copy the file or just view it.