Outdated paperspigot links

Been using MineOS for a couple months now as first time MC host for friends and family. Got to say - it’s a clean look and seems to all work (except I cannot get the players online indicator to work).

I want to setup a PaperMC server but noticed you still have paperspigot listed as the jar type - it has not called itself paperspigot for 2 years and is now just PaperMC https://www.reddit.com/r/admincraft/comments/93ble5/what_is_paper_spigot_and_why_you_should_use_it/

When I went to look at releases they are pretty current and updating frequently on their website. These updates are not showing in my MineOS dashboard gui.

Are there plans to update or is MineOS dead? The people on the Paper Discord were pushing Pterodactyl heavily and avoiding MineOS. What is going on here? I would love to contribute when I figure things out a little more.

What am I doing wrong if MineOS has updated paper?

Any tips for a noob admin? (not noob server guy… been doing this stuff for 20 years)… I have 8 dell r210ii servers with e3-1220 3.1GHz 16GB 1TB HDD 80GBSSD on my desk and 30 more in the garage from pulls I thought would make decent proxmox cluster machines and things to play with… so friends wanted a MC server so I put up a vanilla one pretty fast (on MineOS) but have not had any luck with spigot/paper or any plugins.

I would really like to get Geyser to work.




Last MineOS commit on Github was on the 14.oct, so not dead : https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos-node/commits/master

As for profiles, and what server types are available:
MineOS tries to keep on top of current releases, but are dependent on a easily parsable list of recent builds. PaperMC’s download links are git-build releases, and are not easily parsable as links without major rewrite of the MineOS code.

MineOS Node (the current reccomended version) is several years old, and work on next gen (MineOS Ruby) is started, but more or less paused: https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos-ruby. Most functionality is in place, but it lacks a user interface.

If you wish to use a server type that is not in the profiles this is possible, you just have to download or copy the .jar file manually into the server directory. It should then be available to us ein the active jar dropdown