Other players can't join my modded server

Hello, I just finished setting up a modded server with MineOS but whenever my friends try joining they can’t. I’ve gone through the steps of port forwarding and have tried opening ports using iptables and ufw but it still doesn’t work.

you might need to open the port on mineos itself, are you using an older computer or a virtual desktop?

I’m using a older laptop and I using the method where you install mineOS ontop of an existing distro

What IP-Address are you giving your friends?
The internal LAN address of your server? Or your external IP Adress on the internett? (use a service lik ehttps://whatismyipaddress.com/ to check your external address).

Your friends need to connect to your external address. Port forwarding forwards queries to that address for the specified port to an internal address, so queries to the minecraft port on your external address is forwarded to your minecraft server when they use the external address to connect.

You also need to set some things up on your router to both allow the connection outside and allow the packet to be sent to the right computer.

Go here: https://portforward.com/router.htm
and look for your router and router version to get an idea on how to port forward.