Oops - Error 500

On this forum everytime I enter a thread it gives me an error and I cant read the thread (not even my threads)

# Oops

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This is happening every time I try and enter a forum post, it’s not my device since I have the same problem with multiple devices with the same outcome, sometimes I get a

"Sorry, we couldn't load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know."

Also a few days ago whenever I tried accessing any of discourse.codeemo.com sites (forum, wiki, etc) I would get a “Secure SSL failed” and I would be unable to access any webpage, this is quite annoying as I cant read threads if I have a problem, is this happening only to me or is it affecting others?

I also tried a VPN and it still doesn’t work

I haven’t had any issues with any content. Something you could try is to use a different service, IE: turn off WiFi to your phone and access over cellular, or go to a public hotspot.
If this allows you to view the content, then it might be a security setting or n the network. Check if there is any proxies, or changes to them, make sure the site is whitelisted in the router and/or ISP.
When in doubt, clear cookies.

Using another account seems to have fixed the problem, guess I will be using this account from now on.