Only option is to Kill

I am having a problem at the moment with MineOS where I cannot access or restart or stop! Please help the only thing it lets me do to stop the server is Kill and I don’t want to use Kill all the time because it’s damaging towards the server! I use MineOS Turnkey to run a Minecraft server and have already tried updating MineOS and rebooting the Machine lots of times. I cannot get my head around this problem, can someone help?

You have checked the box “this server is an unconventional minecraft server”.

This function is used for servers that don’t respond to “stop” in the console (where the button would be useless). Uncheck the box and it should reappear.

Pretty much the only servers that will use this feature are things like bungeecord, cuberite, and pocket mine.

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I realized this not long after posting this thread, I realize it seems to tick that box everytime you put the Xms up higher, Thank you anyways!