Only able to access the webui from 2 computers

So I have an interesting conundrum.

I am only able to access the webui from 2 computers. One is the server its self which i can no longer do because i removed the desktop interface to free up resources.

The other is my main desktop.

Here are the parameters I am working with.

The server its self runs on what was formerly a xubuntu desktop 20.04.2 installation that has since been stripped out to be the equivalent of normal ubuntu server.

The main desktop is w10 21h2

both are on the same network.

All computers I try to access the server from are also on the same network but not necessarily the same OS. One is Macos on a 2017 Macbook Pro and the other is windows on an unraid VM. The webui is at the default port. But when I try to access it from either of those two computers I get this page isnt working right now, and that it didnt send any data.

Any thoughts?

If your server is allowing inbound traffic from your main desktop on the same network, then I would generally say that the issue has to exist on the other accessing nodes. Here are the places worth checking, in ascending order of likelihood.

  1. firewall on your ubuntu server

least likely because while it is possible to limit source IPs and such, it’s not a common practice (even though it should be!), and it would be a deliberate effort to do this (i.e., you’d know you did this).

  1. Oof, I’m running short on ideas.

Can you confirm that these other nodes can reach the other services, e.g., the Minecraft server itself, and ssh?

For us to dig deeper, we’d need output to examine, e.g., you could do cURL requests from your OSX machine. Even pings would be a useful way to figure out connectivity.

let me make it a bit more fun for you.

That server is running dynmap on it. i am able to access the dynmap which is also viewable externally through port forwarding on the same server. The minecraft servers themselves are also able to be used externally via port fowarding. Both of those connections route back to the same ubuntu server.

Also, there is no firewall on the ubuntu server by default as I use a physical firewall to protect it from access from the external network.

The vm is able to reach the server via ssh

Are all of these devices on the same subnet, or have the same gateway? Can you ping the server from any of these other computers?

Sounds like routing issues within your network.

yes, they are all on the same subnets and gateways, same firewalls, and same everything. they all route through the same switches and are all pingable through each other.

This is still a continuing problem

If the WebUI is working from some computers but not all, we know the WebUI is working.

Things to check:

  1. Are all computers on the same network? (ex 192.168.2.*) and the same subnet? If they are not on the same networks or subnets theny may not find each other.

  2. Are your MineOS firewall opened for the IP adresses of the computers getting no access?

  3. On the computers getting denied, have you checked your firewall settings? Do they allow connections to non standard http ports? (not 80 or 8080) Remember MineOS uses port 8443.

the mineos box does not have a firewall on it intentionally as eventually the plan is to have loads of people playing on it.
all computers are on the same network (192.168.128.*) and same subnet.
the newest computer i have now tried things with (a hp specter x360 2 in one 2021revision) is having the same issues with port 8443 being open for both in and outbound in windows firewall

Unless you have changed the https certificate, MineOS uses a self signed certificate. It may be the browser you are using on the different computers that blocks selfsigned certificates that it considers unsafe?

This seems to speak to a general misunderstanding of what firewalls do. Firewalls prevent unauthorized traffic, not prevent greater numbers of users from accessing your host.

One thing that’s missing from this thread is any of your actual output showing us the issue. It’s one thing to say ‘it doesn’t work’, but we will run out of ideas pretty quickly (and waste time on dead ends) without any confirmation our ideas are being tested correctly.

Let’s start with the basics

From your non-connecting machines, do you get any output from this (and provide it to us):

ping 192.168.128.x where X completes your MineOS host’s IP.

This may seem really rudimentary, but without getting it, others like me will have truly no chance of honing in on this any more quickly. From there, we can do the simple next test:

telnet 192.168.128.x 8443

This tells us what we need to know from the connectivity side.