One account to view all servers?

Is it possible to have one account have the ability to view all the current servers created/in use?

I’d like to set up a server for a few friends and I have already set up a user on mineOS to use for ssh that has root related privileges. The other accounts do not have this ability.

To be a bit more clear, if I have the mc account creating servers, I’d like to log into my account foo on the webui so I can see what worlds are being created/used, not just the resources. This way I can select each world and see the log and manage anything I need to.

MineOS uses the underlying OS’s user management. This means that you can create a user you add rights to the groups of the other users on your system. You will then have a single user that can see all servers, while the otehr users can only see their own:

Like this:
Username - group memberships:
user 1 - user1
user2 - user2
user3 - user3
Adminuser - adminusker, user1, user2, user3

take a look at the following page: How to manage users and groups in Linux


After a bit of tinkering, I got it to work exactly how I wanted it!

Thank you!

I figured it was something along the lines of messing around with usergroups, but I wasn’t totally positive on it. Either way, I learned a lot trying to get this to work as I wanted. Thank you!

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