Offline Server Progression

Hi All,

I have recently updated to the latest WebUI and started a new server running 1.15.2.
I’ve noticed my auto farms don’t progress whilst i’m offline.
I could have sworn on my older server, the farms etc would grow and XP farms would continue to operate whilst nobody was connected.

Does anyone know if there’s a setting for this, or if there’s a work around?

I have seen that if the server is inactive for an extended period of time, then the world halts.
I tested a theory using MineOS and Minecraft server from their website, and for control, I remained logged into a third server running on MineOS. I left all three running for about 20 minutes, and there wasn’t any significant difference. I’ll run this again over night.

However the outcome, this wouldn’t be a fault with the server or any server properties.

I lay all 3 severs run and the day progression increased on all 3. The only server that had any progression for the farm, was the control which I remained logged into.
As for changing the setting, that might get answered better on the Minecraft Forums.