Npm dependency unmet

Hi all,

I have just tried updating my mine os node and i get to the npm install part.

crypt3@0.1.8 install /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/crypt3
node-gyp rebuild

make: Entering directory /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/crypt3/build' CXX(target) Release/ SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/ COPY Release/crypt3.node make: Leaving directory/usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/crypt3/build’
npm WARN unmet dependency /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/cron requires moment-timezone@’~0.3.0’ but will load
npm WARN unmet dependency /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/moment-timezone,
npm WARN unmet dependency which is version 0.4.1

any ideas?



Does something not work?

every thing seems to work ok after a couple of reboots.

but i still get the dependency unmet when i run npm install