Not sure how to move a server to a new system

I have some backups of a vanilla 1.16.1 world from a recently deceased computer, and I want to get the world running on a new system. The backup files are not a tar.gz but loose files and folders, and I am not sure how to import them in correctly. Do I need to zip the backup folder into a tar.gz and if so, where on the MineOS server do I place that file so that MineOS can read it and import it?

Sloppy, but workable:

  1. create a server in the webui, e.g., “myserver”
  2. take those loose files and put them in `/var/games/minecraft/servers/myserver

The file structure would look like this:



  1. zip up the file, with .zip is OK. Zip up the containing folder or just the files
  2. drop it in /var/games/minecraft/import
  3. use the webui “import a server” page

Zipping the files up and using import worked perfectly. I never got the first method described to work properly, the server would either fail to start up, or when it did it would ignore the world data and plop me into a new blank world.

The world folder from your dead server would need to be uploaded to a new folder named world at the location mentioned (unless you monkey with the mineos config file to change the folder name). This is done via SCP/ftp and can not be done directly through the webui.